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9 stars

The Signmaker's Assistant

AR: 2.9
Lexile: 550
RC: 4.3
Written and illustrated by
Tedd Arnold
Normal-length Picture Book
Genre: Realistic Funny Fiction

California Young Reader Nominee

Norman was the signmaker's assistant. He longed to have a shop of his own. One day he notices that people obey signs. That gave him an idea! What if he painted a sign that said "No School Today"? What if he painted other mischievous signs?

This is a really amusing book. I enjoy it quite a bit every time I read it. My students always laugh when I read it to them. It is funny and clever. But the best part is the pictures. Tedd Arnold has a great style that is easy to recognize. I love his art work. If you like funny books with great pictures, pick up any book illustrated by Tedd Arnold, especially this one!

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