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Resources at Mr. Flores Reads!

I frequently create new pages to meet a particular need in my classroom. I add them to my website for my easy online access. Not all of the pages here are about books or reading, but I thought I would share them anyway. There are lots more math resources also available.

Feel free to use any of these in your own classroom. If you modify or repost them, I only ask that you give me credit by linking back to this site. I hope you find at least some of them useful. Enjoy!

Math Resources

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Lots of math resources - A whole section devoted to just math resources!!

String to Screen

Projector activity
String to Screen - I often use passages to have my students practice proofreading, parts of speech identification, or some such activity that would benefit from an extended passage rather than a simple sentence or two. I use this to display the passage on a whiteboard using a digital projector attached to my computer.

One Word at a Time

Projector activity
One Word at a Time - This page will display text one word at a time. Simply type or paste text into the textarea and push the start button. I use this to display a list of words on a whiteboard using a digital projector attached to my computer. Basically, this is a high-tech set of word flash cards. We practice a decoding rule, I type up some words, paste them in here, and my students take turns reading the words displayed. Everyone can see them from anywhere in the room.

Printing Practice

Printer activity
Printing Practice - Most years I would have enough students arrive to my second grade classroom with poor letter formation that I would do whole-class lessons and daily practice in an effort to remediate their penmanship. In 2015, most of the kids had decent printing skills and I only had about 10 that I was concerned about. So I wrote a program to print half-sheets of letter practice just for them!

Context Clues

Projector activity
Context Clues Activity - I used some reading passages from to help my remedial 6th graders practice using context to discover meaning of unknown words.

Fantastic Four

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The Fantastic "Four" - This is an online tool that I wrote to demonstrate a very interesting "trick" that allows you to determine many properties of a given fraction or pair of numbers. It is a "shortcut" tool that I would only share with my students after they understood what fractions are and how to manipulate them. By using this tool (or the method it employs using paper and pencil), you could plug in numbers such as 42 & 48 and quickly find the simplest form (if they were elements of a fraction) or the LCM and GCF.

FreeMind Export Samples

Info and ideas
FreeMind Export Samples - These are samples export files to demonstrate some of the utility of an open source computer app called FreeMind. One shows a simple chart that my first graders helped generate about Stuart Little. The other demonstrates just how complex the maps can become if needed (such as mapping characters and events in the TV series "Lost"). Read my short article about FreeMind.

Grading Investigation

Info and ideas
Context Grading Investigation - This is a "stand-alone" version of an article I wrote. It includes probably more than you ever wanted to know about finding averages. While researching this, I felt like I was taking a statistics class! Also includes a program I wrote to demonstrate the various methods used to compute the averages or "central tendencies". (I made this a separate page so I could link directly to it without all the other Mr. Flores Reads stuff.)

Loudness Indicator

Projector activity
Loudness Indicator - I used to have a really cool noise meter called the "Yacker Tracker". Unfortunately, it died after one too many drops to the floor. They are pretty expensive, so instead of buying a new one, I would make PowerPoint presentations that I could display to let kids know when they were getting too loud. The effect is the same: kids notice that they are too loud by some external signal, so they quiet themselves down.
I hated having to start up a separate program all the time, and the files were large and inconvenient. So I decided to try to write a web-based version to see if I could. Here is what I came up with.
When I use it in class, I will display it on the computer screen but not always on the projector since bulbs are sooooo expensive. The computer is on a rolling cart high enough that students can see it over each others' heads. I will also often use my remote mousepad/keyboard or assign a responsible student to increase or decrease the level indicator so I don't have to go over to the computer from wherever I happen to be working.

US History

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US History Resources for Kids - When I was teaching fifth grade, I wanted to encourage my students to use Internet resources. Also, I found this really cool javascript timeline project I wanted to explore. These pages are the result. They were first created in 2006, so these pages feel a little dated (to me). They are not as modern and do not integrate as well as with the main site.


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