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8 stars

Muggie Maggie

AR: 4.5
Lexile: 730
RC: 5.1
by Beverly Cleary     Illus. by Alan Tiegreen
Short Picture Book
Genre: Realistic Funny Fiction

Maggie is in third grade. She is supposed to learn how to write cursive but she doesn't want to. She is stubborn and proud and for a while that's enough. But when the other kids start making fun of her, and her own teacher begins to write notes about her in cursive, she starts to have second thoughts!

Believe it or not, this was the first Beverly Cleary book I ever read. I only read it because my teacher friend was letting me help out in her classroom and she knows how much I love books and reading. She asked me to read it to her students. I liked it! It is easy to read (I think the AR and RC levels are too high), but there's still a lot of humor and real feeling "in between the lines." I tell you, I was impressed! If you are starting to read novels (some people call them "chapter books", which I hate), read this one, especially if you are in third grade, are going in to third grade or you don't like cursive!

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