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7 stars

The Last Olympian

AR: 4.3
Lexile: 620
RC: 3.5
by Rick Riordan
Long Novel
Genre: Adventurous Fantasy Fiction
Percy Jackson & the Olympians #5

Percy and his friends find themselves finally doing epic battle with Kronos. His sixteenth birthday is getting close, and so is that darn prophecy. How will he fare? Will he be able to save Olympus and his friends? Or will his friends have to save him?

Though I didn't love this book, I enjoyed reading it. It had plenty of action, just like all the Percy Jackson books. It felt like it was meant to be the last book of the series which is disappointing to me. I really like visiting this world and would like to read more. I would have liked it more as a final book if it had a little more ... 'oomph', I guess. I'm probably being unfair to this series; I'm kind of comparing it to the Harry Potter books. The Harry Potter series is a totally different animal. Where Percy is light and flippant, Harry is deep and serious. The characters in the Harry Potter books are like your best friends, who you know very well. The Percy Jackson books were full of those fun people you hang out with in school; you like them, some of them you like a lot, but you don't really feel close to them. Because of this, the last Harry Potter book was emotional and exciting. This last Percy Jackson episode is action packed, and even though some characters meet very unfortunate ends, it wasn't nearly as powerful as HP7. Even still, it was a good book, a good way to end the series!

p.s. I have read here and there that there may be more books set in this world. The ending of this book certainly allows for it. I can only hope!

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