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-- Samuel Butler

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7 stars

Knots in My Yo-yo String: The Autobiography of a Kid

AR: 6
Lexile: 980
RC: 5.4
by Jerry Spinelli
Normal-length Novel
Genre: Funny Autobiography

ALA Best Book for Young Adults

Do you think being a kid will help you become a writer? Novelist Jerry Spinelli was asked this very question. This book is (sort of) his answer. He takes us on a trip through his old neighborhood, introduces us to his friends (some of whom he is still friends to this day), and shares his joys and triumphs as well as his mistakes and sorrows. All of these things he has used to create the wonderful children's literature we now enjoy.

I really enjoyed some parts of this book and other chapters not so much. The writing is great. He has a great writing style, though it may take a little getting used to in this book. Just imagine that he is sitting there with you telling you a story out loud; this book reads just like that. I was really moved by some chapters because I was reminded of when I was a boy. I would be very interested in hearing what other kids thought about this book. If you have read it, please write me!

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