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-- Kathleen Norias, Hands Full of Living, 1931

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7 stars

Bone #1, Out From Boneville

AR: 2.4
Lexile: 360
RC: 3.7
by Jeff Smith     Illus. by Steve Hamaker (colorist)
Normal-length Graphic Novel
Genre: Funny Graphic Novel
Bone #1

What do a talking bone, quiche-loving rat creatures, a grandma named Ben, and a red dragon with hairy ears have in common? They are all in this book! Fone Bone and his two cousin Bones from Boneville have just been run out of town. As they wander through the wilderness, they get separated and end up in different parts of a beautiful, strange valley far from their home. Will they be able to find each other and get back home?

This bizarre comic series is really well-drawn. I love the art. Some of the parts are funny because they are so silly. Although it is easy to read because the illustrations are so good, I think it is a little higher in reading level than it is listed. Also, it seems like the series is going to have a big, long story running through it — something about greed and selling your soul, a little heavy for a "level 2.4 comic book". I look forward to reading the following chapters.

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