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9 stars


AR: 4.4
Lexile: 660
RC: 5.3
by Lois Lowry
Short Novel
Genre: Fantasy Fiction

ALA Notable Book

Littlest One has an unusual job. She is learning how to bestow dreams. She has a special skill; when she touches things to gather the fragments of the dreams, she has a "gossamer" touch. While she is training in a house where an old woman and her dog live, the old woman is asked to take care of a young boy. The boy has had a difficult life, and now it is up to Littlest to protect the boy from the horrible Sinisteeds that plan to gang up to torment the little boy.

I really liked this easy to read novel. The idea is original and, as usual, Lois Lowry does an excellent job telling the story. No wonder she has won so many awards! The character of Littlest One is especially easy to love and most of the other characters also seem very real, even though they are all pure fantasy. There was another character that was giving dreams to the boy's mother, but I felt like this character was underdeveloped. He didn't seem as real to me, and it felt like he was there as simply a way to explain what was going on with the mother. I think it probably could have been done in fewer words without introducing this character that didn't do much in the story. But I'm not an award winning author (yet), so what do I know?

I recommend this book to anyone into mild fantasy and good books!

Listen to an excerpt from the audiobook version:
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