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-- Groucho Marx (1890 - 1977)

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10 stars

Extreme Elvin

AR: 4.3
Lexile: 700
RC: 5.1
by Chris Lynch
Normal-length Novel
Genre: Realistic Funny Fiction

Elvin Bishop just turned 14 ("a real teen") and is now faced with a whole new world of unfamiliar situations like high school and girls! Elvin is a really nice guy who happens to be a little overweight so he's not necessarily Mr. Popularity at school. But when a rumor gets started by a beautiful girl (she was a practical joker), he immediately becomes more popular and he has to deal with another set of "problems" that come with having a social life.

I loved this book! I discovered it after reading Iceman by the same author. I was so impressed by that one that I immediately looked for more books by him. Thankfully I found this book! It was one of the funniest books I have ever read. However, be warned. It is more appropriate for middle- and high-school students than for elementary students. Plus, I don't think you would think it was that funny unless you are already familiar with the kinds of things Elvin has to experience. Write this one down for future reference if you are still in fifth or sixth grades.

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