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8 stars


AR: 5.6
Lexile: 710
RC: 7.8
by Christopher Paolini
Long Novel
Genre: Fantasy Fiction
Inheritance Trilogy #1

Eragon is a 15-year old farm boy whose world gets turned upside-down when he finds a mysterious blue stone while on a hunting trip. It turns out that he has found a dragon's egg, and the dragon has chosen him to be its Rider! When he returns from a trip into town to discover his home destroyed and his uncle near death, he embarks on a journey to avenge this attack. He is joined by Brom, the town "storyteller" who turns out to be much more than he seems. During this journey, Eragon discovers that he is the first Dragon Rider in over 100 years. He is dismayed to find that it is up to him to help free the land from the rule of an evil king.

I liked this book. I got drawn into it pretty effectively. The language was kind of high-level, kind of "Lord of the Rings"-Lite, so be ready for a challenging read. However, it was a well-structured story that pretty much raced along. Lots of things happen so it doesn't have a whole lot of pages without SOMETHING happening, even though it is 500 pages long! The only "bad" thing about it was the ending! As it ended, you just knew something good was going to happen next, but there was no "next"!!! Now I have to read the second book in the "Inheritance Trilogy"!!!! (Recommended for stronger readers.)

I have a few more comments about this book in my "What I'm Reading Now" article.

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