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8 stars

New Moon

AR: 4.7
Lexile: 690
RC: 4.3
by Stephenie Meyer
Long Novel
Genre: Adventurous Romance Horror Fiction

Bella has won her boyfriend and is ready to take the next step. No, she does not want to sleep with him, she wants to become a vampire like him! But her boyfriend, Edward, refuses to make her like him. In fact, he breaks up with her when he and his vampire family decide to move out of the area. Bella goes into depression over this and struggles through her days until she discovers that she can hear his voice if she puts herself in dangerous situations. So she begins looking for ways to put herself in danger because she is obsessed with hearing him, even if it might mean that she is really just going crazy. While doing this, she strikes up a friendship with a local American Indian boy, Jacob, who has a crush on her. Unfortunately, there is a female vampire out to kill her because Edward had killed the vampire's partner. Even worse, Jacob begins acting weird and joins a cult-like group of young Indians and avoids Bella. When Edward returns, everything really goes crazy, and Bella is forced into choosing between her old vampire friends and her new friends who happen to be mortal enemies of blood-suckers.

Stephanie Meyer is an exciting writer. Sequels are rarely as good as the first books, but this sequel to Twilight comes pretty close. Another tome like the first, this one, unfortunately, does feel a little long in places, especially during the first months of her depression. However, once she meets Jacob, things pick up pretty quickly, and it's all action after that. While the first book was very complete in that it had a full story, this one feels more like the middle part of a bigger story, though it still does stand pretty much on its own. Again, I really enjoyed the mixture of monsters and (less) romance with plenty of action like in the first book, Twilight. I look forward to reading what happens next to Bella and her friends.

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