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10 stars

Charlotte's Web

AR: 4.4
Lexile: 680
RC: 4.9
by E. B. White     Illus. by Garth Williams
Short Novel
Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Newberry Honor Award

To Fern’s father, Wilbur was just a runty pig, too small to keep. To Fern, he was a creature like any other and he didn't deserve to die. But to Charlotte, he was special. He was her friend! In this classic books, Wilbur is saved by Fern and grows up in a barn at Fern's uncle's farm. On his first night there, he meets Charlotte, a spider who lives up in the corner of barn doorway. The other animals accidentally let slip that Wilbur will surely be killed before Christmas, so Charlotte promises him that she will save him somehow. But she's so small, how can she help?

I love this book! I first read it in third grade. It was part of a three-book collection my mother got me that also included Stuart Little and The Trumpet of the Swan. I liked all the books, but this was my favorite. Now, as a grown-up, I have probably read it over a dozen times! I try to share it with all the students who end up in my classroom. It is easy to read, but it is such a good story about friendship!! I hope everyone reads this at least once in their lifetimes!


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