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9 stars

The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary

AR: 6.5
Written and illustrated by
Jeff Kinney
Short Anecdotal Reference
Genre: Non-Fiction
Diary of a Wimpy Kid #

I love books and I love movies! Here's a book about how they made a movie. What's not to like!?!?

If there is one thing I enjoy almost as much as reading books, it's watching movies. I'm a movie nut! I own close to 1000 movies on DVD and I watch as much "behind-the-scenes" stuff that I can. This book was a "behind-the-scenes" DVD extra, but IN PRINT! Jeff Kinney, author of the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" books, takes you through the whole film-making process as one of his books is turned into a movie. Even if you aren't a movie "nut" like I am, I think you will find it interesting. It even has Mr. Kinney's trademark humor in the many drawings that accompany the text. There are lots of interesting comparisons between the pictures from his books and the way those same scenes turn out in the movie. I really enjoyed this book!

If you enjoy the Wimpy Kid books or enjoyed watching the Wimpy Kid movie, I'm sure you will enjoy this "movie diary".

p.s. Thanks, Danny G, for letting me borrow this book!

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