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8 stars

The Wide Window

AR: 6.3
Lexile: 1150
RC: 6.9
by Lemony Snicket     Illus. by Brett Helquist
Normal-length Novel
Genre: Realistic Funny Fiction
Series of Unfortunate Events #3

This time the Baudelaire orphans are placed with Aunt Josephine (who's not really their aunt) who lives in a house that is precariously balanced on the edge of a cliff above Lake Lachrymose. Soon enough, they meet Captain Sham (who's not really a captain, hint-hint) and they once again find themselves in danger!

This is the darkest book so far in the Series, but it's pretty good still. Not as many yucks as in the previous two but Sunny gets to talk a lot and that's pretty funny. If you are a fan of this Series, definitely check this out.

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