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9 stars


AR: 4.9
Lexile: 720
RC: 4.4
by Stephenie Meyer
Long Novel
Genre: Adventurous Romance Horror Fiction

Bella is a seventeen year old high school student who moves from her sunny Arizona home with her mom to her dad?s house on an island off the coast of Washington. This place also happens to be the rainiest place in the U.S., a perfect place for vampires to hide away from the dangerous sun. While attending her new high school, Bella meets and falls in love with Edward Cullen, who just happens to be one of those vampires. Even though he and his "family" do not hunt humans, he still struggles to be around Bella. He at first rebuffs her attentions, but eventually reluctantly gives in to her charms. All along, though, he warns her that being with him is dangerous because, duh, he's a vampire, and, of course, he's right. While playing a vampire version of baseball, the Cullens and Bella meet another band of vampires who do hunt humans. Thus begins a cat-and-mouse chase with Bella fleeing the bad vampire while being protected by the good vampires.

I love vampire stories and I loved this book! It is a teen romance that turns into a really good action story with the horror of blood-suckers thrown in for good measure. Although it was long, I never felt that it was boring. The first-person narrative voice is authentic and amusing. Lots of detail tied with lots of internal dialogue make both the action and the narrator very easy to believe. The book starts with a description of an event that takes place much later then flashes back to the beginning of the whole adventure. Because she is vague about who is actually involved in the incident, which is full of foreboding, there is tension about her relationship with Edward all the way through to the end. Even though this is the first in a series, this book stands alone and ends satisfyingly. Definitely a heavy read at 498 pages, it will reward more mature readers who decide to go along on this romantic adventure.

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crystal - 06/07/2010
i luv dis book (:

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