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8 stars

This Land Is Your Land

AR: 4.7
RC: 2.8
by Woody Guthrie     Illus. by Kathy Jakobsen
Short Picture Book
Genre: Poetry

Publishers Weekly Best Book
School Library Journal Best Book
New York Times Notable Book of the Year
Parenting Book of the Year

Most everyone knows the beginning verses of this famous song. But did you know that there were lots more verses? This book takes the words from the folk song and puts them with detailed and colorful illustrations. It shows the beauty of our great country, and, surprise! It also shows a couple things that are not so great.

I like this book. It almost shocked me when I read it the first time. I had no idea about the last lyrics. Mr. Guthrie, the folk singer who wrote the song, was an activist, and he wanted to point out that as awesome as America is, it still has problems that need to be fixed. Good book!

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