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5 stars

Terrible Times

AR: 6.6
Lexile: 1070
RC: 5.9
by Philip Ardagh
Normal-length Novel
Genre: Adventurous Funny Fiction
Eddie Dickens Trilogy #3

In this third installment of "The Eddie Dickens Trilogy", Eddie is sent to America accompanied by Lady Constance, a gal who has the mysterious problem of "losing" her traveling companions. Will Eddie be able to make it all the way to the New World without meeting a similar fate?

So here I finally finished the third book in the Eddie Dickens Trilogy. There were parts of it that were funny and clever, but I think that Mr. Ardagh, the author, has overplayed his cards. That means that he's been too clever for his own good. In the past books, he had been very funny in the way he wrote. For example, he would say, "Eddie entered the dining room and took a seat." Then he would immediately follow it with, "Then he sat down." That was funny! He was playing with words. The problem now in this book is that he is playing with words then explaining how clever he is by explaining the joke. News flash: When you have to explain the joke, it's not funny anymore!

If you are one of those people who need to read all the books in a series to feel like it is completed or done, then go ahead and read this one. But if you have not already read the other books, I wouldn't suggest picking this one up.

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