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10 stars


AR: 4.4
Lexile: 890
RC: 5.7
by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Normal-length Picture Book
Genre: Realistic Fiction

Newberry Medal Award

Marty finds a beagle in the hills behind his house. Actually, the beagle finds him and follows Marty home! Anyway, Marty figures it belongs to a mean neighbor, Judd Travers, a really ornery man who shoots deer out of season, mistreats his dogs, and, Marty believes, shoots his dogs if they don't do like he says. But how long can he keep the beagle before his parents find out and make him take the dog to his owner?

Okay, this is another great dog story! Maybe I just love animals too much, but I don't think so. I think if you like animals even a little bit, then you will love this story. If you start reading it and you can't understand everything, try reading it out loud. It's written in the first-person point of view (that means Marty is telling the story about himself) and he speaks with a little bit of an accent. It would probably help if you read it out loud and heard the words with the accent. Either way, I believe you will enjoy it!

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