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8 stars

Ramona The Pest

AR: 5.1
Lexile: 850
by Beverly Cleary     Illus. by Louis Darling
Normal-length Novel
Genre: Realistic Funny Fiction
Ramona Quimby #4

Ramona is so excited to be going to kindergarten! Unfortunately, every time she tries to behave, something goes wrong and people begin to think she is misbehaving on purpose. Will her kindergarten teacher even like her anymore? Maybe she should just drop out!

I REALLY enjoyed reading this book. This was the first Beverly Cleary book I ever read, and I know I've been missing out! Ramona is so real and funny. I love that she has a crush on an eleven-year old and already plans to marry him. Isn't that just like some 5-year olds you have known?!?! If you know anybody like this, or if you ARE somebody like this, I know you'll enjoy this book! (By the way, the AR level seems kind of high to me. I think it is more like a 4.1)

Read a little more about Ramona in my "What I'm Reading Now" article.

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