Resolve to edge in a little reading every day, if it is but a single sentence. If you gain fifteen minutes a day, it will make itself felt at the end of the year.
--Horace Mann (1796 - 1859)

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7 stars

Please Bury Me in the Library

AR: 4.5
Lexile: NP
RC: 3.2
by J. Patrick Lewis     Illus. by Kyle M. Stone
Short Picture Book
Genre: Poetry

'A Review in Haiku'

A book about books
Written in poetic form.
I enjoyed it much!

I am not a poet, as my haiku plainly shows,
but let me introduce you to a real one of those.

J. Patrick Lewis wrote some poems about books
and libraries and reading. They're worth some second looks!

The little kids will like the rhymes. The older kids, however,
should read the poems carefully, for many are quite clever.

So if you are a poem fan, and even if you're not,
check out this book, just like I did.

You may

        like it

               a lot!

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