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10 stars

Owl At Home

AR: 2.7
Lexile: 370
Written and illustrated by
Arnold Lobel
Normal-Length Picture Book
Genre: Funny Fiction

ALA Notable Book

This book is a classic! Owl is a simple soul. He's not particularly bright, but he's a nice guy. In this book he invites an unruly guest into his house who leaves piles of snow all over the place, and gets frightened out of his bed and has to sleep on the couch. And that's just half of this short and easy book.

I used to have this book as a kid, and it was (and still is) one of my favorites. My favorite story is "Tear Water Tea." I like the pictures (of course) but the stories are simple and amusing. I have read this book to first graders and fifth graders. Guess who laughed more. The fifth graders! There's a reason why Arnold Lobel is one of my favorite author/illustrators. Read this book to find out why!

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