The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it.
--James Bryce

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8 stars

The Memory String

AR: 2.9
Lexile: 290
RC: 3.4
by Eve Bunting     Illus. by Ted Rand
Normal-length Picture Book
Genre: Realistic Fiction

Laura's mom died three years ago and the only thing Laura has left to remind her are buttons from her mom's dresses that she keeps on a memory string. Her dad married Jane but Laura doesn't really like Jane; she wants her mommy back. But when her memory string breaks, Laura finds out just how much like her real mom Jane is.

Eve Bunting has done it again! This is a very touching book. It is fairly easy to read but the concepts are kind of serious, almost "grown-up" concepts. I suggest reading this with a parent. And after you're done, tell your parent how much you love them!

(Last modified:08/21/2006)


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