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9 stars

Lupita MaƱana

AR: 4.7
Lexile: 760
RC: 6.2
by Patricia Beatty
Normal-length Novel
Genre: Realistic Fiction

Twelve-year old Lupita and her brother brothers and sister lived in Ensenada, Mexico. One day she finds out that her father has been killed on the fishing boat he works on and now her mother cannot afford to keep the family together. Lupita is sent with her older brother Salvador to live with an aunt in Indio, California. Unfortunately, crossing the border and traveling all that way is difficult and dangerous. Also, once they get to Indio they find that things are not as they had hoped. Can Lupita and Salvador survive living in this unfamiliar and frightening new place?

This is a well-written, totally realistic novel based on the travels of real-life people. It is an "adventure" story filled with suspense, happiness, and sadness. I really enjoyed it and I felt like I knew these characters well. I recommend it to everyone, especially readers who want to find out about immigration. For another style of immigration story, check out Esperanza Rising.

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