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9 stars

Feathers and Fools

AR: 4.1
Lexile: 960
RC: 4.3
by Mem Fox     Illus. by Nicholas Wilton
Short Picture Book
Genre: Fiction

The peacocks, seeing that the swans can swim and fly, are afraid of them. To protect themselves, they sharpen their feathers into weapons. The swans, seeing them do this, sharpen their own feathers. Nothing good can come from this... or can it?

I love this short, simple book. It is by one of my favorite authors, Mem Fox, and it has awesome illustrations. It makes me sad reading it, until I get to the end. This has one of the best endings ever. This is a special kind of story called an allegory. An allegory is a story or picture that looks like it is about one thing but it is really about something else. This story appears to be about two groups of birds that are afraid of each other because they think they are different from each other. But I hope if you read it, you will be able to understand what it is really talking about. Even if you don't understand it yet, you can still enjoy the beautiful pictures and the great ending!

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Sherry - 08/21/2011
I love "Feathers and Fools." I use it every November with my grade sevens in BC, to provoke discussion about war.

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