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8 stars

Every New Day

AR: 4.6
Lexile: 580
RC: 5.1
by Lauren Brooke
Normal-length Novel
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Heartland #9

Amy Fleming is an adolescent girl who works on Heartland, a horse farm that heals horses that have been abused. When she meets Mercury, a talented jumper that refuses to jump even the smallest fence, she is stumped as to what to do. She takes him to a Native American who once knew her mom and learns that sometimes trying too hard to help doesn't help at all.

If you are a horse-lover then you will love this book. It is the first one in this series that I read and I was pretty impressed! The characters are pretty realistic and they deal with real-life stuff. Not a lot of humor but some pretty good relationships. I was discussing this book with a 4th-grade girl who had read numerous books in this series. I found out quite a bit about the characters from what had happened in earlier books. Now I would like to read some of those also. I strongly recommend this to horse-lovers. One caveat: there are a lot of "horse terms" that are not really explained. They have to do with techniques and equipment used in working with horses. You don't need to know them (and you might be able to figure them out by the end of the book) but it might be a little difficult to imagine the actions the characters are doing. However, you can still follow the story pretty well and the story is ultimately about people and relationships.

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