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AR: 7
Lexile: 970
RC: 7.8
by Christopher Paolini
Long Novel
Genre: Fantasy Fiction
Inheritance Trilogy #2

Eragon, now a dragon Rider, continues his training in order to defeat the evil King Galbatorix in this sequel to Eragon. Meanwhile, his cousin Roran is persecuted back in Carvahall as the king's soldiers try to find out where Eragon is. In the south of Alagaesia, the Varden, a group of people who are rebelling against the king, are led by Nasuada, their new leader, to the country of Surda to make a final stand. Eragon becomes pretty mighty as a Rider with the help of the elves, and Roran escapes Carvahall with the whole town in tow. It all ends up on the burning plains of Surda with a massive battle between the kings forces and the rebels.

This book was not as good as the first book in the "Inheritance Trilogy". There are a lot of descriptions of movement (traveling) and training procedures that, while a little interesting, are too long. There is only a little action. Unfortunately, this novel shows that Chris Paolini is not that great a writer. His story is good, but the pacing is slow. He understands that fantasy stories have traditions and a certain style, but he is not able to bring the characters to life as much as other writers. However, I am glad I read it. I got to find out who or what the "Eldest" is! And it blew my mind. Because of that ending, I am most likely going to read the final books as well.

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