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7 stars

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

AR: 5.2
Lexile: 950
RC: 5.3
Written and illustrated by
Jeff Kinney
Short Novel
Genre: Funny Fiction
Diary of a Wimpy Kid #1

Greg Heffley, new to middle school, is finding life difficult. As if dealing with bullies wasn't bad enough, his best friend Rowley is constantly doing things to make school life difficult. As Greg puts it, Rowley's status as best friend "is defintely subject to change."

This is a funny book. There are lots of jokes in the writing, and just as many in the pictures on virtually every single page. Most of the drawings are just illustrations of what's going on in the writing, but plenty of times they are punchlines set up by the writing.

I enjoyed reading this book. It actually made me laugh out loud a couple times. I would have liked it more if Greg hadn't been so shallow and treated Rowley so badly. He wasn't being mean, just self-centered, which is what a lot of tweens and teens are, so I guess in that way it was pretty authentic. (joke: Rowley: I think he's insulting us. Greg: Nah. I think he's insulting you. How's my hair? I'm gonna go talk to those girls over there.)

I would recommend this to anyone looking for an easy-to-read, funny book.

Check out the online version at Funbrain.com!

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