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7 stars


AR: 6.8
Lexile: 950
RC: 6.4
by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams
Long Novel
Genre: Adventurous Fantasy Fiction
Tunnels #2

Will and little brother Cal meet up with Chester in the Deeps to search for Will’s dad. Meanwhile, Will’s mom searches for will to avenge the death of her brother Tam. To top it all off, the Styx, led by Will’s fake sister Rebecca, continue their relentless pursuit of Will and Cal, not to mention going forward with their new plan for Topsoil world domination!

This book was not as satisfying as the first book. There was plenty of action and lots of close calls (and some actual deaths, too), enough to keep most adventure fans satisfied. But I thought there was way too much running around and not enough advancing the plot. At the end, everyone falls into a giant pit to set up the next installment of this series, which I am sure to read if only to say I finished the whole story.

I would recommend this to good readers who like non-stop action.

Tags: adventure
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