The glory of a good tale is that it is limitless and fluid; a good tale belongs to each reader in its own particular way.
-- Steven King, The Stand

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10 stars


AR: 2.9
Lexile: 510
RC: 2.8
by Eve Bunting     Illus. by David Diaz
Normal-length Picture Book
Genre: Fiction

Simon and his mother have lost their home and now live in a cardboard box. It's Christmas Eve and they are visited by an old lady. They have little enough for themselves but they invite her in and give her one of their cookies (they only have two). In return, she gives them the fake rose that was in her hat to decorate their christmas "tree." Mysteriously, she disappears before morning but Simon could have sworn he saw a ... what?

Find out what he thought he saw and decide for yourself if it really was! Read this book. It is wonderfully illustrated and it gives me the chills (in a good way!) every time I read it! It's a great Christmas story, but read it any time of the year.

(Last modified:08/24/2007)


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