The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it.
--James Bryce

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8 stars

Chicken Sunday

AR: 4.8
Lexile: 650
Written and illustrated by
Patricia Polacco
Normal-length Picture Book
Genre: Realistic Fiction

ALA Notable Book

Miss Eula treats three children to wonderful chicken dinners every Sunday. To thank her, they decorate and sell Easter eggs to buy her a beautiful bonnet.

Patricia Polacco shares this wonderful story from her childhood that shows friendship and caring between children and adults. The fact that Patricia is a white Jewish girl and her friends and Miss Eula are black (African-American) Baptists is barely mentioned. This is a great story about no-matter-what-race relations that is not preachy but warm and engaging. (Sorry kids. I was kind of talking directly to the grown-ups in this second paragraph. I think you will like this book as much as the grown-ups!)

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