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--Stephen King (1947 - ), On Writing, p.147

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1 stars

The Cat in the Hat Comes Back!

AR: 2.1
Lexile: 320
RC: 1.2
Written and illustrated by
Dr. Seuss
Normal-length Picture Book
Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Hey boys and girls, here's a new word for you: sacrilege. That is probably what grown ups and some kids will be yelling when they find out that Mr. Flores DOES NOT LIKE THIS BOOK!

The cat is more troublesome and obnoxious than before. I just don't get it! What is there to like about him? The kids have no personality so I don't really like them either. I really like most Dr. Seuss books but this one... no thanks!

Try reading it at least once anyway. Lots of people love this book. You might like it, too.

(Last modified:07/18/2008)


carlos garcia - 03/29/2011
oh mr flores you dont like it oh my gosh this one is my favorite one

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