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7 stars

Bone #2, The Great Cow Race

AR: 2.4
RC: 3.7
by Jeff Smith     Illus. by Steve Hamaker (colorist)
Normal-length Graphic Novel
Genre: Funny Graphic Novel
Bone #2

Bone is still trying to get Thorn to notice him, and his cousins are off trying to rig the cow race so Phoney Bone can get rich again. The rat creatures are still after Phoney and the story gets a little more developed when a connection is revealed involving the map that Fone Bone used to find his way to the valley. If any of this makes sense to you, then you might already be a fan of this series.

I liked this book a little better than the first and it has enough going for it that I am sure to read as many as I can get into my hands. There are a couple plot twists in this one that make the overall plot even more interesting. The best part about this book (other than the great artwork) is that the comic book format makes for quick reading, although I will again warn that the 2.4 AR level seems much too low for me. There is some subtle humor and a much larger story that would probably be lost on a second-grader. (Sorry second graders, I love you but I'm just being honest. This book might be a little too grown up for you this year.)

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