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Printing Practice Page Generator

Use this page to generate half-sheets of customized printing practice pages. Enter student names below and the level that they need to practice.

Each odd level is the lowercase letter, even levels are the uppercase.
"Top line down" Letters
  Levels 1-10:
    l t h b k
These letters all start at or near the top line with a down stroke.
"Mid-line down" Letters
  Levels 11-24:
    i j r n m p u
These letters start at the mid-line with a down-stroke, optionally followed by a curve.
"Diagonal" Letters
  Levels 25-34:
    z v w x y
Letters are formed by starting on the mid-line and stroking horizontally or diagonally to the right.
"Round" ("2 o'clock") Letters
  Levels 35-46:
    c a d g q o
These letters all start at the "2:00" position and the stroke moves counterclockwise.
Remaining Letters
  Levels 47-52:
    s e f
These are made with unique motions.

Be sure to enter a username and password to save your settings! If you have already saved your settings, enter your username and password here to load them.

This program does not sort the names, so you can enter students' names by their seating order be it table, row, or column. This makes it much easier to pass out the pages. After printing the sheets, simply cut them in half and stack the top half on the bottom half. Now the half-sheets are ready to distribute in the order you entered the names!

Practice sentences are printed in "KG Neatly Printed" from Kimberly Geswein Fonts.

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