Zap Reader Stories

There's a cool little free page called Zap Reader where you can paste text in and it will display it for you, flashing the words on the screen one at a time. It claims to help you read faster. I just think it's fun!

I set up a few stories that my kids liked and made them into pages that automatically load into the Zap Reader page. They don't have to worry about copying and pasting. I added links to our class Symbaloo page, and they just click on the tile to start Zap Reading!

Hover over the titles for a tooltip describing the story. If you would like to include these activities in your class links, you need to right-click on the story and copy the link address. If you click on the link here, it takes you to the Zap Reader page and you won't be able to copy the URL. Enjoy!

Fairy Tales

 The Gingerbread Man


 The Skirt Girl
 Wonders Fluency