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String to Screen

This page can be used to display a text snippet full screen using a digital projector attached to your computer. Paste text into the form below and push "Go!" It will display the text on the next screen. Use the controls at the top of the screen to enlarge, center, adjust margins, etc.

I use this tool to display sentences or paragraphs that I write out ahead of time rather than spending time in class to write them on the board. I display directly onto the whiteboard so I can mark it up using dry-erase markers.

After displaying the text, you can use your browser's bookmark function to save the displayed page and return directly to it later.

If you paste from a formatted document, only the text will be copied. However, you can add Markdown marks to modify the text. For example, "_word_" would display as "word". The only change from standard Markdown is that bold inside italics is formatted with an underline, for example "_**some text**_" would get displayed as some text. See this Markdown starter cheat sheet for basic marks.