Random Sentence Generator

This page sets options and provides a link to a page of randomly generated sentences. I use this for various activities from visualizing and verbalizing to identifying parts of speech.

Note that the following checkbox options apply to sentences about 50% of the time. That is, if you select to include "adjectives", about 50% of the sentences will occur with subject adjectives. After setting options, the URL link will be updated. Clicking on the link will open a new window with the results.

Number of sentences: Output: Seed:

After entering the number of sentences, be sure to click out of the input field to make the URL update. You can also force an update by selecting/deselecting any of the checkboxes.

Standard output is plain text. "Screen display" will show the sentence(s) centered on the page in a large font for easy display on a projector.

Sentences are randomly generated. Including a "seed" number will ensure that the same sentence(s) is displayed every time the page is accessed. This could be useful if you wish to revisit the sentences over a number of days or lessons.

Bookmarking a link without a "seed" will result in new sentences every time the page is loaded.

Finally, since I am such a Star Wars fan, there is a "secret menu" item: Star Wars sentences! Turning this results in sentences using Star Wars characters, places, and things in the sentences. Yay! Can you find out how to activate it?