Secret Message Math!

Version 0.8

This page generates a "hidden message" worksheet of practice math problems. These types of worksheets are useful and fun! The best part is that they are "self-checking". A student can easily tell if the work was done correctly when he or she is able to read the message.

TIP: The more unique letters in your message, the more problems the student will need to solve.

Choose the operation:
addition   subtraction   multiplication   division  

Minimum answer:      Maximum answer:
Problem style: horizontal    vertical (if division, long-division style)

Title (shown at top center of worksheet):

Intro (directions or question of riddle; leave blank for default directions):

Message (one problem per unique letter; use no punctuation marks):

URL of image to include on bottom of sheet (optional):
If left blank, the image shown at right will be used.
On the generated worksheet, you can resize the graphic by holding SHIFT on your keyboard and clicking-and-dragging on the image. Reposition it by dragging-and-dropping it. Be sure to use your browser's print preview to make sure it will appear in the right place (it won't necessarily match the displayed position onscreen).

The default image is by Phillip Martin. Check out tons of his free clipart at
He is a true mensch, offering lots of useful, free educational PowerPoints and interactive activities on the main site. As if offering all this professional quality free stuff is not enough, he also travels the world helping school children paint murals using his characters! Read more about him at his site.

Improvement Ideas for future versions of the tool

If you have suggestions, bugs, or comments, you can contact me by email. Teachers in JUSD, email "Stevan Flores"; everyone else, email me: mrflores at mrfloresreads dot info, or use this form.