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2nd Grade Math Practice Pages

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Some story problems use randomly chosen names. You can enter names for teachers and/or students to append to or replace the default names.

Each name should be on its own line in the format "Name,s" where 's' is single letter for sex (m or f).

Wish List

PROBLEMS & BUGS - (1) moneyphp is drawing line behind coins sometimes in line-drawing version. Why? (2) ordercompare had prob where num=3 but makes 5 sets, num=4 makes 20 sets because "for" counter was being used within the loop. This may also affect other modules.

Algebra readiness - add problems like in hm book "34 + 25 = 59 so 30 + 25 ? 59"

Custom Names - when using "replace" it generated sheets okay but did not save them? Should be sure to show names if saved once loaded again. Also, when names not included, the story problems end up being different! Weird. And make sure School Name gets saved and re-displayed.

Comparing Units of Measure - Show images of two comparable non-standard units. Student must determine which unit needs more/less than other to measure same object, or given amount of one unit, how many of other needed. Ratios of 2:1 up to 4:1. Find line drawing images of small objects, save with unit in filename like used for math filler images. List of everyday objects and their measurments in units, e.g. large drink cup = 6 units. Can be measured with single units (e.g. paper clips, math cubes) or double units (e.g. erasers, crayons) or triple units (e.g. scissors)since it is even number. Size all images in Gimp before uploading. 4unit image should be about 160px? wide. Test before resizing all. See if can find images in Win8 icon set.

Place Value - need to add 'tens in hundreds' option.

Multiplication Facts - Already written, but needs to be updated to this version.

Maybe add other filler images back in if resized to fit into one cell.

fix or remove cell counting function on this page. Not really useful when setting options for alternating days.

Charts & Graphs - add tally marks option

Need to set up subroutines to replace verbs and plural s in cgiprob stories. Search for _start-waswere_ for example.