Math Resources

Onscreen Resources

Daily Number Sense

Math Projector activity
Daily Number Sense - Lots of projector activities for developing number sense in geometry, magnitude, manipulation, number characteristics, and relationships. I use these as warm-ups for the main math lessons. You can also read a quick explanation of why we need to develop number sense.

TouchMath Practice

Math Projector activity
TouchMath Practice - A simple display of 1-digit and 2-digit addition problems using TouchMath numerals.

Triangle Flash Cards

Math Projector activity Computer activity
Triangle Flash Cards - This page produces on-screen triangle-shaped flash cards. The triangle shape reinforces the number-bond relationships between numbers. The full-screen display is appropriate for whole class projector display or allowing students to access it on their own for practice. Can be easily configured to display +/- facts or ×/÷ facts, and can show all numbers or hide either the whole or one of the parts. Hovering over the missing number will display it.

Number Lines

Math Projector activity
Number Lines - A white screen with a blank number line. I project it directly onto my white board so I can label some of the hash marks for different activities. Includes ability to display tenths (from 0 to 1), decimals (2 whole number range), fractions (from 0 to 1), mixed numbers (2 or more wholes split into fractions), and integers (20 marks with a bold center mark that can be used as 0. For each line (except tenths and integers), the marks are randomly generated.

Math Journal Ideas

Math Info and ideas Projector activity
Math Journal Ideas - This page displays a random math journal prompt for each day of the year. The prompt is large and easy to read, perfect for displaying on a projector after a math lesson. A parameter can be passed in the URL using "?day=" plus a number to display a particular prompt. For example, will display the prompt for day 202. Currently, there are 101 different prompts. Most of the prompts were originally published in a document by Joanne Griffin, retrieved 2/17/16.


Math Computer activity Educational game
Gruzzles - A puzzle game played on a 0-99 chart to develop one more/one less, ten more/ten less, and rounding. Teachers may create a link with a "seed" so all students view the same set of clues. After clicking on a puzzle, edit the URL by adding "&seed=12" or any other integer then copy and share the whole URL. Everyone that goes to that URL will see the same clues so they can work on own computers to complete together.

Simple Dice

Simple Dice - Roll 1 to 5 dice. Has option for using without sound. I had trouble finding a simple online dice roller that didn't have ads, so I made my own! We use this instead of hard plastic dice (too loud) or soft foam dice (bouncy and always getting damamaged).

Game Spinner

Game Spinner - Online spinner with various layout options including 1-10 and 0-9, as well as a few custom layouts. This tool is used every day! Most of our math facts practice games need some kind of spinner, so I can easily add custom layouts as needed. If you have an activity that uses a spinner that is not yet included here, contact me and I may be able to set it up for you.
BTW, if you are interested in the math games that go along with the spinners, they come from these really good resources called Mastering the Basic Math Facts from Heinemann Publishing.


Games Projector activity
Scoreboard - A simple display for keeping track of team points for in-class review games. Can display scores for 1-6 players/teams, customizable bonus point amounts and sounds, and a few different display themes.

Printable Resources

Making (Number) Sense

Math Info and ideas Printer activity
Making (Number) Sense - PARENT INFORMATION. This is a printable document that can be shared with parents (and other teachers). It has ideas and activities for parents to help them develop number sense in their children. I usually print the first half (the activities) for parents and only send home the second half (explanation of number sense) if they request it.

Secret Message Math

Math Printer activity
Secret Message Math - A simple math practice generator. Choose the operation, set some options, enter a "secret message" or an answer to a riddle, and print up a page.

Facts Practice Pages

Math Printer activity
Facts Practice Pages - As students pass timed facts test, they progress at different rates. I wrote this little program to print individualized half-page sized facts practice pages. Can produce simple single factor pages (e.g. all +7) or follow the order presented in the Mastering the Basic Math Facts books.

Money Practice Pages

Math Money Printer activity
Money Practice Pages - Individually print half-page sized pages to have students practice identifying American coins and paper currency.

Upside-Down 0-99 Chart

Math Printer activity
Upside-Down 0-99 Chart - A PDF of a chart I created and use in my classroom. Instead of listing the numbers from 1-100, it uses 0-99, and instead of starting at the top and going down, it starts at the bottom and goes up! For more information as to the why, see my Upside-Down Hundreds Chart? article on the main site.