The Communication Project

written by Mary Lynn Bushon

"It looks dangerous," said Commander Yulu as he looked through the viewing window.

On the other side of the window rested a Merango tangler. Of all the Teran animals, it resembled a cat most of all. Each of its sleek black hairs was tipped with white. Large, five-toed paws gave a firm grasp on the ground, rocks, or even trees. The commander knew its retractable claws would be strong enough to dent steel.

The animal's eyes looked up and stared at the commander, the deep red of the iris adding to the fearsome look. The animal's unblinking stare made the man back up a pace or two.

"It can't see you," said the scientist next to him.

The commander nodded but didn't step forward again. "Has the procedure been performed?" he asked.

The scientist nodded. "The tangler received the implant three days ago. So far we haven't noticed any unexpected side effects. The human subject will be receiving the corresponding implant tomorrow. If all goes well, it will provide the first direct communication link between a human and an animal of high intelligence. Our hope is that if we can make a viable team of them, we can utilize their skills," the man continued...