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WIRN - Joey Pigza Loses Control

11-25-05 – The further adventures of Joey Pigza, the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) kid who swallowed a key in his first book. Joey is one of those kids who is a really neat kid, but I'm not sure I'd want him in MY classroom! But, I do like him. I first met him in Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key, which I totally enjoyed. I finally got around to reading this sequel. As this story starts out, Joey has gone to stay with his dad for six weeks. His mom and dad are not together because his dad had drinking problems and could not keep a job.

His mom still does not like his dad (thinking with her heart), but she thinks it is a good idea (thinking with her head) that Joey have a relationship with his father. She's not sure Joey's going to like his dad (they've never met) since, as she puts it, "he can be, you know, wired like you, only he's bigger." Once he gets dropped off, he meets his dad (definitely wired) and his grandmother who used to live with him and his mom. Oh yeah, he also has a dog, Pablo, which he accidentally left in the glove box of the car his mom rented. (Don't worry, she noticed and dropped Pablo off at Joey's dad's house while they were off visiting Storybook Land.) I really like this book so far. As in the first book, Joey is a funny kid. And I feel sorry for him because he doesn't have an easy life, but I also kind of admire him for being able to get through okay.

11-26-05 – Well, his dad is turning out to be a real flake. He wants Joey to be on the baseball team he coaches, and Joey wants to be on it. He's really good at throwing rocks so he turns out to be really good at pitching the baseball. Unfortunately, he is horrible at fielding and hitting, and his dad "goes ballistic" whenever the team is not doing well! Fortunately, a nice lady that works for a athletic equipment store is Joey's dad's girlfriend, but, as Grandma puts it, whenever his dad gets a new girlfriend he thinks he can start drinking again and everything will be okay. Which, of course, it's not! Now Joey's dad thinks that the best thing he can do for Joey is take him off his meds. Bad move!!! I can only imagine how Joey will behave now!

11-30-05 – I was right, and so was Joey. He knew he would start freaking out like the "old" Joey. He had a really great first day off the meds. He did some really cool things. But then little by little, he starting acting weird again. By the third day it was really obvious that the meds had worn off and he was back to ADHD Joey! His mom suspected that he might be off the meds when she called but Joey, well, he didn't lie exactly, but he didn't tell the truth either! He didn't want to get his dad in trouble for flushing Joey's medicine patches down the toilet. Joey still wants his mom and dad to get back together (poor kid, you can't blame him) so he doesn't want to ruin the chance of it happening by telling his mom what's really happening there at his dad's. If you ask me, his dad is bad news. Poor Joey....

12-5-05 – Well, it was a bittersweet ending. There were some tense moments there between ol' Joey and his dad. I don't want to give it away, though. If you want to know what happened, pick up this book for yourself. I like Joey. I think he's going to be okay...

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