I am eternally grateful... for my knack of finding in great books, some of them very funny books, reason enough to feel honored to be alive, no matter what else might be going on.
-- Kurt Vonnegut (1922 - ), Timequake, 1997

WIRN - Eragon

12-18-05 – Well, I guess I'm a little behind the ball on this one. I am just now reading Eragon, the first dragon book by Christopher Paolini, about a month after his SECOND book came out! So far, I am quite enjoying it. I must warn you, however. This book is like "Lord of the Rings - Lite". The language and detail in LOTR is about college level, but this book is still at least 8th or 9th grade level (if you already read a lot).

To begin with, Eragon is NOT the name of the dragon. Eragon is a 15-year old boy who lives in a place called Alagaesia with his uncle and 17-year old cousin. While on a hunting trip through "the Spine", a treacherous mountain range, he discovers a "polished stone" that turns out to be a dragon egg! When the dragon hatches, he forms a magical bond with it, but he is torn about telling his uncle and cousin because they would likely disapprove. When he returns from dropping off his cousin in town (who is leaving for a job with a miller) he tells the dragon that a couple strange men have been following him. The dragon freaks out and takes off, carrying Eragon unwillingly along. Late the next day, when Eragon and his dragon return to the house, they discover that it has been destroyed and the uncle is near death. They try to take the uncle to the town, 10 miles away, for help, but the young dragon is not strong enough and can only make it part of the way. Eragon is forced to drag his uncle on a sling the remaining distance. When he finally arrives in the town of Carvahall, he passes out from exhaustion...

12-21-05 – Okay, I'm done! Wow, so much happened in this book! I was sick with a cold during my winter break from school so I couldn't do much other than lay around and watch movies and read. So I read a lot (and watched a lot of movies)! Eragon wakes up later to find that his uncle has died. Then he ends up hooking up with the town storyteller, who turns out to be more than what he seems. Together they begin a quest to track down the creatures who attacked his uncle.
Then, along the way Brom, the storyteller, teaches Eragon how to fight and use magic.
And then, Eragon meets a good witch and her "werecat" who tell him some news, not all of it good.
And then, they get ambushed by Urgals, orc-like creatures, and something terrible happens.
And then Eragon meets a mysterious guy who turns out to be...
And then...
And then!!!
Well, there's just too much to go in to here! It was a good read if you are in to fantasy stories. I recommend it (for higher readers).

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