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WIRN - Eldest

01-09-06 – I enjoyed reading Eragon so much, and it ended with such potential, that I rushed out and borrowed Eldest, the second book, from Luis (Koala)! It picks up exactly where the first ended, though it begins with a synopsis of the first book in case you forgot what happened (or you didn't read the first). So far, it's moving kind of slow. First, there was some political finagling between Eragon and the leaders of Farthen Dur, the giant hollow mountain that houses the Varden, a rebel group, and the dwarves. Eragon then left with Orik, a dwarf, and Arya, an elf, to head to Ellesmera so he can continue his training. Back at Farthen Dur, Nasuada, daughter of the fallen leader of the Varden, is planning to attack Albatorix, the evil king of Alagaesia, once she has moved the Varden to a friendly country to the south...

On the other side of Alageasia, Roran, Eragon's cousin, is busy with the people of Carvahall, Eragon's home village, fighting off the Ra'zac, giant bug-like warriors who are servants of the evil king. Apparently, they have returned to find Eragon or anyone who can lead them to him. By the way, these creatures were the ones who killed Eragon's uncle, Roran's father, in the last book.
Personally, I am looking for more action. And I can't wait for the second dragon to appear!

01-11-06 – So Eragon, Saphira (the dragon), Orik, and Arya make it out to a dwarf city called Tarnag. Not much happens there other than some dwarves from a certain clan being ticked off that Eragon is there because they have this blood-oath against DragonRiders. They're even more upset that Hrothgar, the king of the dwarves who live in Farthen Dur, made Eragon a clan-member. So now Eragon has to go around watching his back. Fortunately, he and his posse only stay there a few days, during which Eragon gets a few lessons in dwarf customs and history (since he's an "honorary" dwarf now). They leave pretty quickly to get on their way to Ellesmera.

01-22-06 – Back in Carvahall, Eragon's cousin, Roran, is having plenty of trouble. He ends up becoming "the leader" of the town as they prepare for the return of the Ra'zac and the kings soldiers. They make all these preparations building walls and making weapons, then the Ra'zac end up "stealing" Roran's fiance Katrina in the middle of the night and one of the Ra'zac bites Roran's shoulder and causes his left arm to become pretty much useless. When the men of the town sneak out to the soldiers' camp, they discover that the Ra'zac were able to get in because one of the townspeople has betrayed them!! What's really sad is finding out who did it! While this is happening unbeknownst to his cousin, Eragon and his posse have finally reached Ellesmera, the city of the Elven Queen Islanzandia. When they get there, they find out a very significant fact about Arya which explains a lot of her behavior towards other people. There's a party to celebrate Eragon and Saphira arriving, but a few things dampen the festivities: Eragon is a little jealous because the Elves are giving more attention to Saphira than him (they can communicate directly to her); he's also a little bummed because the news about Arya makes it even less likely that anything romantic can develop between them; and the Elves are a little disappointed that he is not as potentially heroic as they had hoped since the magical wound (a slash across the back) he received from the Shade is not healing and he remains unable to do very much that requires physical strength. The best thing, though, is that the next day after the celebration, they took Eragon and Saphira, after swearing them to secrecy, to a hidden area where they met.... ANOTHER RIDER AND HIS DRAGON!!! I can't wait to find out more!

01-27-06 – In Carvahall, Roran decided that the only thing he can do is try to convince the whole town to follow him to the country of Surda in the south. There they can join the Surdans and the Varden to become an army to attack the evil king Galbatorix. He gave a fiery speech and most of the town joins him, although not all of them happily. Over in Ellesmera, Eragon continues his training with Oromis, an ancient Rider who stopped fighting so he would be able to survive to pass on important knowledge if the Riders ever re-emerged. Saphira got to meet Glaedr, a massive old dragon who happens to be a male! I predict sparks are going to fly between these two, if you know what I mean! Down in Surda, Nasuada had arrived with all the Varden but she began to find it difficult to keep everyone interested in attacking Galbatorix. While waiting around for Eragon and Saphira to return from their training, many of the Varden began settling down and getting used to life in Surda. This doesn't look good! I think Nasuada may be looking at trouble if Eragon and Saphira don't get there soon.

02-15-06 –Oooo, lot's has happened, but not very exciting. Here are the highlights. It got a little hairy when Roran and his townspeople were trying to get on some boats to head down to Surda. Roran had to kill a couple guards and they left the city just as the alarm was being sounded. Meanwhile, down in Surda Nasuada's life is almost taken by an assassin but she is forewarned by this wierd little girl that freaks everyone out because she is growing up mega-fast and she has an adult's voice coming from her. She happens to be the baby that Eragon and Saphira blessed back in Farthen Dur. Did I mention that Eragon found out that the blessing they gave was actually more like a curse? Oromis, his Rider master explained that in the ancient language he worded something incorrectly and instead of keeping her "from harm" she is actually taking "harm from" other people. Oops! Anyway, Eragon is continuing his training with the elves and during a bizarre three-day festival, he is blessed by a magical dragon that lives as a tattoo on two female elves. Overnight, he basically turns into an elf, which is pretty much what would have happened after a hundred years or so as a Rider. So, his skills are pretty awesome now, his back is healed, and he is finally getting some respect! He happens to "scry" (see with his mind) his brother and Nasuada and realizes that all is not well. I think that he will be heading to Surda to join them pretty soon. Finally, Roran and the townspeole make it to Tierm, meet a guy who helped Eragon and Brom in the first book, and with his help, steal a brand new warship to ride down to Surda. Unfortunately, this kind of tells everyone, including the evil king's soldiers, who they are and where they are going!

02-17-06 – Finished! It got really good here at the end. The Varden encountered Galbatorix's army on this burning plain. Lots of sword and magic fighting! Eragon is there to lend a hand, just in time! Other things happen (but I don't want to give them away), and we finally find out who "Eldest" is! It blew my mind, even though I should have been able to guess!! This was not as good a book as Eragon, but the ending was worth reading. I hope the last book of "The Inheritance Trilogy" is better. I plan on reading it to see how this massive story turns out!

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