I live for books.
-- Thomas Jefferson (1743 - 1826)

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Change of Focus

Where have I been? Recently, I dug deep into the "front" pages of my site. I discovered so much had happened since the last time I had visited to do any work on it. It was like arriving to a vacation cabin after a couple years and finding that it had become infested with bugs and broken windows!


Gotta Keep Reading Video

I try to be on top of the latest news about reading. I missed the train on this one!! In 2009, students (along with help from their teachers) created a flash-mod style video of an alternate version of the Black Eye Peas "I Gotta Feelin". If you haven't seen it yet, check it out.


Decorating My Nook

Last week, I got my new NOOK Simple Touch™ eBook Reader. I am a tinkerer so the first thing I did, or course, was customize the "screensavers".


Unusual Author Visits My School

Authors are usually very busy people. They are always writing or editing or revising or researching or doing who-knows-what-else to get their next book ready for the presses. So it is rare that authors get to visit local elementary schools. In February, the school where I work, Mission Bell Elementary, was fortunate enough to have a real-live author visit. This visit was unusual for us, not because we never have authors visit, but because we never have authors like this visit us!


Where Are the New Readers?

In this age of Kindles and iPads and texting and twittering and updating social sites, it seems we are surrounded by words. All these people "reading" would seem heartening, yet the statistics show that book sales are declining. Apparently, people enjoy spending hours reading and writing 160 character "word-bytes" but they do not see the benefit or joy of engaging a considerably longer text, i.e. a book. One author recently made a strong argument that modern society is no longer organized to "recruit" new readers.


Illustrating My Book - I Finally Start

A number of years ago I wrote a few stories. I was planning to submit them to publishers in the hopes of becoming a "real' author. Recently, I finally began the process of developing images for one of the books.