Television can give us so much, except the time to think.
-- Bernice Buresh in Los Angeles Times

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9 stars

Tuck Everlasting

AR: 5.9
Lexile: 770
by Natalie Babbitt
Normal-length Picture Book
Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Original post — Thursday, October 13, 2005
<img src='../images/books/alanotablebookaward.gif' alt='ALA Notable Book for Children' title='ALA Notable Book for Children'>

Winnie Foster is a ten-year old girl who feels trapped by her overprotective (and somewhat snooty) mother and grandmother. When she takes a trip into the woods behind her house, she discovers a teenage boy drinking from a spring at the base of a tree. The next thing she knows, she's kidnapped by an eccentric (but nice) family hiding a secret, followed by a man in a yellow suit (what's THAT about?), and helping break a murderer out of jail! Then she's offered a gift that will change her life forever — but will she take it? Find out in this great book.

This book is well-written. I love the flow of the words and the descriptive yet simple language. I thought it was a fairly easy read (even though it has profound ideas), but some kids on said that it was a little hard to understand at first (but they loved it by the end). I highly recommend it to anyone. I would say that the book is better than the movie (as almost always) but the movie is so different from the book that they almost can't be compared. (The movie's not bad, but read the book first.)

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