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10 stars

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

AR: 5.3
Lexile: 740
by Avi
Long Picture Book
Genre: Realistic Adventurous Historical Fiction

Original post — Saturday, September 10, 2005
<img src='../images/books/newberryaward2.gif' alt='Winner of a Newberry Honor' title='Winner of a Newberry Honor'>

Charlotte Doyle is a thirteen year old girl taking a trip across the sea in 1832. During the course of the trip she makes a few friends, more than a couple enemies, learns all about sailing ships, and is accused of murder!

This is an engrossing, if difficult tale. A little hard to read because of all the old English and nautical terms, it is still very exciting. Ask your teacher or another adult to read it to you (or with you) so you can discuss some of the more confusing parts. How ever you read it, it's worth it. Historical fiction should always be this exciting. It's definitely a powerful read.

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